–  CÀMICE  –

A universal garment .
A ‘càmice’ as well as camicia, khamis, kiel, chemise, kanzu, kimono, koorhemd, kandoorah, gown, thaub, dishdasha, shirt, surplice, surplus, smock, is ‘that what one wears’:
Timeless, indestructible design, wears with grace.
Worn during work by artists, laboratory technicians, construction-, factory- and field workers, farmers, and prisoners.
Rightly whilst we endlessly rework, replay, review, rehearse, recite, relax, retreat, reassess and relate.
We are here to answer any questions you have regarding the garment of your desire.
We advise about fitting, materials & dressing and adapt or re-create a garment to your needs to create something unique you will covet and wear for a long time.
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