–  FIT & MAKE  –

The garments of Atelier Maria Lux are made with care and attention by dedicated tailors and artisans. Our couture techniques and finishes
are best seen on the inside of the garment. It is here that the stitching becomes most visible, which we confidently show.

Construction and the reverse side of the fabric are laid bare, as every part of the garment is considered equally precious.
Our garments are created for a ‘moving’ woman. We believe luxury lies in comfort.

We construct our garments with as little seams as necessary to create the volume and shape we want.
Other seams are merely there to eventually patch different fabrics together.

Next to jackets, coats and dresses that can be cut in your size, we offer carefully studied bigger volumes that should
pleasantly accommodate many body shapes with confidence as well as charm.

Our ‘easy’ pieces can be chosen to suit your preference, as they do not require a precise fit when you wear them.

A signature detail on Atelier MariaLux garments is a ribbon that draws the easy fitting garment towards the body. The ribbon can have several functions:
to tie, drape, decorate, close and/or accent your body. It’s the gesture of dressing that gives the garment, as well as the woman character.

Most of our jackets are unconstructed, have no shoulder pads, and only a sliver of 100% ice wool filling for the sleeve cap.
Lining is simply added for comfort and to finish those parts where all comes together. We keep all linings as light as possible, most of them are habotai silk.

Like a working jacket, the armhole is deeper into the armpit and the cap of the shoulder is shorter allowing ease when lifting the arm.
The seam over the shoulder is dropped backward following the curve of the scapula. The shoulder of all garments is soft and rounded.

Another signature detail of Atelier MariaLux is the sleeve. The word ‘Ease’ originally derives from “elbow space”. Almost all sleeves that come longer
than the elbow have this (bell-like) curve or ‘nip’ around the elbow to accent the elbow, as well as to give and suggest movement.
This sleeve can be a three-part sleeve, or a simplified version with exactly the same volume.

The jackets are intended to be worn with the ease of a vest and do deliberately not close.
We started to use elastic where garments need to hug the body, as it still allows for movement.

Blind hems are done by hand, as well as the closing of lining and finishing of the inside armholes. When we ‘close’,
we use closures typical of women’s couture: snap fasteners, hooks and eyelets. These are all hand-attached,
it gives a human thus more emotionally crafted touch to the garment. Horn buttons are finished by small counter buttons on the inside.

Machine embroideries are made in Italy by one of the most renowned embroiderers of luxury goods.
Their fledged signature is the absence of adhesives and machine assimilation of micro-sequins.
Other embroideries are done in our atelier by hand.

The Atelier MariaLux cotton voile labels are basted into the garment before the fully
scrutinized garment leaves our atelier, and can be removed easily.